Extra! Extra! 9/8/15


I have to say, I am really hitting the ground running and setting–most likely–unrealistic expectations for the future when it comes to the frequency with which I post

This will be the first in a series of posts I’ll be sharing on this blog called “Extra! Extra!”  In this series, I will share headlines from the front page of old newspapers I found to be either particularly humorous or humorously bizarre (sometimes even despite my best efforts not to find it funny).   Sometimes there are a lot, sometimes only one or two.  Today was a full day, so…


“Toot Shoot” is Prague Rule

Twirling His Hat

Mercer County Dog Sentenced to Death

Grasshopper Fund OK’d by Senate

Pear Tree Blooms  (I have to say, I am honored, for I am a descendant of the grower.)

Birds in Formation

Found: Perfect Job–Pay for Not Working

Gets Turkey

Outline Finest Fishing Places (This one was so important, it warranted a continuation on page 2.)

Frankenstein  (Not October.)

“Lolly Pops” to be Given Collegians  (Why is “lolly pops” in quotations?  Wouldn’t you like to know.)

Rosa Wants “Right Man”  (Get in line, Rosa.)

2 Farmers Sentenced for Parts in Cow War

Not Red Pajamas?  (Sleepwear was a popular topic in the thirties.  Fun fact, there was a full-on incident–which made national news–for which Louisiana governor Huey Long had to issue a public apology involving pajamas.)

Shot Through Pants

Navy Likes Cones  (Joke is on you England, this refers to the British navy.)

Hounds on Trial (Not one, but 2 K9 cases this year.)

Nightshirts Again Used in London


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