Citizen Kane


I confess, I’ve been a terrible classic movie fan.  This evening is my very first time watching the iconic film, Citizen Kane, which I borrowed from my local public library today.


In case you’ve lived under a rock and have never heard of this movie, it’s very famous and critically acclaimed.

I give you a description, found on IMDB:

“Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance.”

Basically, the entire movie is made up of flashes of his life from both childhood and adulthood, business and personal as a reporter interviews the few people who have ever been close to Kane.  All this in a quest to find out what his final words meant.  “Rosebud.”  You’re given to think rosebud must be a woman, perhaps an unrequited love or a lost love.  However throughout the movie, you realize that Kane never really loved anyone, apart from perhaps his mother who sent him away when he was very young.  I thought, perhaps rosebud was his mother, or his home.  Maybe it does represent that, but more and more as the film goes on you realize there’s really nothing likable about Kane, but he wants love, adoration, and blind obedience from everyone in his life.  And by love, I mean adoration and blind obedience.  He wouldn’t know love if it bit him.  He gets seemingly everything he ever wanted in life and then throws it all away and dies alone gasping “rosebud.”  Ah, yes, rosebud.  What is rosebud you may ask?  A SLED!  IT’S A FREAKING SLED!  Done deal.  Sled burned in a furnace at the end and I’m glad it did.  I’d like to burn it myself.  Perhaps this is an uneducated and uncultured view of such a legendary film, but I just hated it.  It was dull.  It was disappointing.  It lacked severely in plot and character development in my opinion, despite 2 hours spent watching the vain attempt.  By the end, the only thing you gather from this entire thing is that Kane’s life was pointless, and empty, and anything he ever did or said was just vapor in the wind.

Watch it because it’s iconic, but you may hate it as much as I do.


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