Extra! Extra! 9/10/15


Yesterday was a pretty good day for funny and bizarre newspaper headlines.  Enjoy these little gems from 1932.


Ring of Chicken Thieves Nabbed (They stole thousands of chickens.)

“Old Swimmin’ Hole” to Be Prepared

65 Pound Baby (At 18 months.)

Impromptu Duel Settles Grudge  (As opposed to a more formal, black tie affair.  In poor taste if you ask me.)

Celebration on Fourth of Jury

All Clews Probed in Wide Search

Sentence for Slaying in 1883  (The killer got a 10 year sentence, this is, I remind you, 1932.)

This one is so good that I had to share the full story.  From the associated press in the year 1932.

Shoots 4-Pound Bass Out of Big Pine Tree

Wallace, Idaho, May 19 (1932) (AP)–The reputation of Earl Elstone for veracity is good, so there is no one willing to say he didn’t tell the truth when he related he shot a four-pound bass out of a large pine tree with a shotgun.  The explanation is that a hawk caught the fish in its beak and flew to the tree, so Elstone cast aside his rod, took up his gun and blazed away, scoring a direct hit on the fish as well as the hawk.

Lucky break or whale of a fish tale?


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