Extra! Extra! 9/14/15


I haven’t been gleaning much useful information in my treasure hunt for family history lately.  The year 1932 just hasn’t panned out thus far, but it’s been great for a laugh!  Enjoy these funny and bizarre front page headlines.


Likes His Beer

Tree Saves Man

Big Shot Convicted

New State Fish, Game Group Sworn In

Dies For Parrot

Man Faints as Cousin Drives Nail Into Leg  (His own leg, which it turns out was wooden.  Not the first wooden leg story I’ve read.  Once read one in which a carpenter was called to repair a broken leg, and told only once he arrived that it was wooden.)

Lodges Self In Jail  (The local sheriff had been threatened, so he decided he’d be safest by locking himself up in the jail.)

Woman Catches Bass With Hands

Rattlesnake Hissing Irked Woman

Is It True About Red-Headed Girls?

Huey Takes Stump  (Huey long, at the time, governor of Louisiana.  Never explained who or what “stump” meant.)

Boom Boomerang

Large Cucumber

‘Skeeters Happy As Nudists Move to NJ

Watermelon Seed

‘Ol Swimmin Hole Is “Burned” Clean  (In case you were wondering from before about the ‘ol swimmin hole.)

Woman, 93, Swims Twice Around Pool

Busy Ohio Bee Stings Undertaker

Eats Ham Sandwich Made of Cotton Seed

Zoo Head Succumbs After Biting Tongue

Freckled Chin Winning Point, Kiwanians Decide John Wilder Has Best Crop of Freckles  (The local Kiwanis Club had a freckle contest in 1932 wherein they decided which little boy had the cutest freckles…  This one apparently had a goodly amount of chin freckles which edged out his competitors.)


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