Extra! Extra! 09/19/15


I’m going to post 3 of these today because I’ve been lazy.  It just hasn’t been all that exciting combing through all the headlines in the months we’ve read through lately.  Nothing is pertaining to what we’re looking for.  Everything’s just way too quiet.  But, I did enjoy these headlines from the last 2 months of 1932.


Man, 102, Weds, Dies  (As though the wedding were the direct cause of the dying.)

No Golden Eggs

Huey Expects Beer Before Christmas

Rabbit Men Form Group

Beer Skies Brighter

Bites Into Worm, Gets Judgement

Orgy of Biting

Bulldog and New Fur Coat Vanish Together  (I picture a well dressed bulldog.)

1,310 Pennies!  (Someone paid their taxes with those pennies, because they are “as good as gold.”)

Professor Fools Blackbirds (I should hope so.)

17 Widows Exhaust Mother-In-Law


Big ‘Coon Caught In Pine Mountain (Weight: 20-25lbs)

Convicts’ Whoopee Party is Ruined  (What a shame.)


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