Extra! Extra! 09/29/15


I have done a few days worth of our little family history project searching through the old newspapers in the past week, but I only saw any headlines that really jumped out at me Tuesday, but I got a pretty good chuckle out of these.


Bees Imprison Family

Buffalo Halts Motors

Man Slaps Fly And is Killed (So there!)

Eyesight of Man, 84, Restored By Sneeze

‘Fishes’ Six Hours In Man’s Stomach  (A man on a fishing boat swallowed his dentures when a big wave hit.  This started a 6 hour fishing expedition, for his dentures, in his stomach.)

Dies Of Excitement  (So that’s a real thing?)

No “Runs” In Old Stockings (Queen Anne royal stockings which were to be displayed…  Old stockings, indeed.)


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