Trying Mango Languages

Among the flurry of activities I’m undertaking in my unintentional self-help book reminiscent quest to “live my best life” I have been thoroughly exploring my local public library’s resources.  It seems before long I’ll be taking full advantage of all they have to offer.  This time I decided, having seen their link to Mango Languages every time I’m on their homepage, I would go check it out and see what it’s like.  I don’t know how long I will do it, or how much good it will do.  I suppose the former will depend on the later.  However, I think I might share some updates along the way just for fun and in case anyone else wants to give it a whirl.

The first order of business was to take the placement test.  You don’t have to do this.  You can just jump in anywhere.  (Though, were I doing this I believe I’d begin at the beginning.)  The test consisted of answering questions based on your comprehension of audio clips as well as constructing sentences by arranging your choice of given words to fit the sentence provided in English.  I answered 6 of 14 questions correctly.  For the record, I did much better at understanding what was being said than constructing sentences.  Based on this, it was suggested I begin with the beginning, which I think is best.

I must say, however, I found myself almost a little insulted at how the lessons matched up with my abilities in the placement test.  Did I notice the “H” in “hola” was silent?  Yes, I did, thank you.  I also knew how to say things like “hello” or “please” and “thank you.”  Nevertheless, a little review obviously never hurt as I have not retained all I’d previously learned in my high school AP Spanish class.  I digress.  I still did pretty well for a white girl who has spent most of her days in Eastern Kentucky if you ask me.

Tonight, I completed the first chapter’s lessons.  It did get into some things I didn’t remember and struggled with the first time.  I also learned how to say that I am tired, which is a word I actually never learned the first time around, and a phrase I can totally see coming in handy.  It didn’t take all that long.  I’ll be reviewing each lesson as I progress from time to time.  Hopefully I’ll at least take away from this remembering some basic, practical phrases if nothing else and satisfy my curiosity about this particular website.

(Lean a little closer and I’ll confess to you that my ultimate goal is actually to learn what Ricky Ricardo is shouting at Lucy all the time.)

Stay tuned to see how embarrassingly poor my learnin’ is.


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