Genealogy, Goblins, and Day Drinking, Oh My

As I have said in the past, one of the things I have been doing with my time at the library is a big family history project. Because of this I spend a great deal of time in the genealogy room of my local library. For the past month, I’ve continually seen this note someone jotted down and left behind, never to be collected nor disposed of. I found it so funny that I got a bit of mischief in me and had to share it.

Drunken Goblin Note

Please understand that there isn’t any identifying information on this note. I’m not trying to embarrass anyone here. I just find this so incredibly funny. Someone in a small rural community library called someone, presumably a relative, while researching their family tree early on a Wednesday and found them already impaired such that it was audible in their speech. Realizing this, they gave up, and made a note to self on the funniest possible picture to correspond with such a memo. I find this so funny because it is just representative of how things can be when you start shaking your family tree a little too hard.


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