Demelza Poldark


Demelza Poldark is  the second book of the Poldark series. Fun fact, it’s also the first one I read. I watched the last of the first season of Poldark on Masterpiece Theatre and I was so hooked that I couldn’t wait to read it. Unfortunately, the local library didn’t have the first book in a physical copy. So I decided to just read the second. Of course, afterward I found out I could read the first and third novels online through Libraries Unbound.


Some quotes:

“Here, beast, you shall be chairman, and mind you call us to order.”  He leaned forward and dropped the cat on the empty seat.


“It is the stories that can’t be told that I find most diverting.”

He bowed.  “The essence of a good joke is that only two should share it.”

“I thought that was the essence of a good bed,” said Francis, and everybody laughed.”
“’Ere, dear,” she said to Jinny, “you go finish yer work.  I’ll deal with this.”
“Can you manage him?”  Jinny asked anxiously.
“Manage ‘im.  I’ll mince ‘im.”
“Everything at the moment, my dear, no doubt seems disgusting.  I know the mood too well.  But being in that mood, Ross, is like being out in the frost.  If we do not keep on the move we shall perish.”
Demelza was beginning to feel like a lion tamer who has been putting his pets through their paces and finds them getting out of hand.
“Perhaps,” said Demelza, trembling all over, “perhaps I’d ought to have asked for an introduction seeing it’s so long since we met.”
“A nice frame doesn’t make a nice picture.”
Joe Permewan, rasping away at the bass viol as if it were a tree trunk, was worth liking as well as laughing at.  Joe, they all knew, was no angel and got drunk Saturday nights, but he always sawed his way back to salvation on a Sunday morning.
When his mother had taken him to church as a child he had repeated a psalm which said: “Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

This book mainly centers around Ross and Demelza’s life together at Nampara. Her awkward transition from being his employee to his wife. Her introduction to others in Ross’s life and in society. The change in the household when a fellow employee is now the lady of the house. Demelza at the center of all manner of well intended mischief. And of course, conflict and drama surrounding Ross Poldark, rum runner and crusader for justice! (If you like Rhett Butler, you may very well like Ross Poldark as well.) Honestly, though, this is my favorite book of the first 3 novels. They’re all a little cheezy and dramatic, but with a healthy dose of humor. Demelza Poldark is no different. I love the Demelza character. If you want a healthy dose of sass and spunk, she’s your girl. If you liked Ross Poldark, you’ll love Demelza Poldark.

Highly, highly recommended.


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