Gods and Generals

Gods and Generals is the prequel to Gettysburg, which, I am sad to say, I did not know existed. It centers largely around Stonewall Jackson. It isn’t perfect, not by any means, and is sure to offend those who watch it at some point during the film. However, I think this movie has an interesting take on the Civil War. Maybe not as much in terms of the facts and details, but of the different feelings in different segments of the population. The variety of beliefs and views concerning the war, and the way that individuals were questioning their own view of the war and how torn they must have felt. Particularly interesting is the religious aspect. The reasons the soldiers were fighting as opposed to the reasons politicians had. Those who did not believe in fighting in wars at all and those who questioned fighting against their own countrymen, killing their relatives and friends. It’s an intense and emotional movie that can really cause you to try to put yourself in everyone’s shoes. You notice things you might not think about in relation to the civil war as life goes on in homes with women and children. Sickness and death going on as always but without doctors and nurses who are at the front. I have to say I liked the movie for this reason. Love it or hate it, I think if you’re interested in history, it’s worth watching.



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