The Identical



I virtually checked out this movie a little while ago through Kentucky Libraries Unbound. I had no idea what to expect from it. It looked like it would be sort of a twist on Footloose at first, but set in the 1930’s. There is some element of that, and then there was a bit of a parallel with Elvis. As it goes along, it kind of surprises you, I think. It’s a very cheesy movie and an odd blend of the history of rock and roll all mixed up in a story of a set of twins separated at birth.

Basically, the movie begins with a couple in the depression era expecting a child. The man of the couple is feeling a little hopeless and at loose ends, so he starts going to tent revivals. While there, the preacher speaks about he and his wife having struggles trying to have another child and the risk of her trying to conceive again. The young couple decides they can be the answer to the preacher’s family’s prayers and that the preacher and his wife can answer how their children can be cared for. One child is adopted by the preacher, giving them a chance to raise a child, and one stays with the birth family where they are able to support and care for him.

The movie follows the son who lived with the preacher, as he enters into teenage rebellion, similar to the footloose story. The preacher wants his son to be a preacher like him, and he’s even in bible college to that end, but he develops an interest in music and goes to clubs.

Ultimately, when he’s basically forced by his father into joining the army, he hears a singer he begins to really identify heavily with and to whom people say he bears a certain resemblance. Their lives continue to intersect, and despite it being extremely cheesy and cliche, it’s honestly sort of touching if you’re a softy like me.

I had this pegged as a no name film when I first spotted it, but it really does have some recognizable faces in it. Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, and Seth Green. Probably a few more if you watch a lot of movies. I enjoyed this. It was like every movie about the beginning of rock and roll I ever watched rolled into one. The music was enjoyable for me. I honestly wouldn’t mind having this one in my own collection.



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