My name is Rachel and I’m the girl behind Adventures of the Library Girl.  I guess you could say this all began at 5 years old when I came home at the close of my first week of kindergarten and my father asked me “How was school today, little buddy?”  To this, I responded in the world-weary fashion one might much more expect from a bedraggled middle age woman disappointed by losing out on a well earned promotion, “Not so good, I still haven’t learned to read.”  However, it would be more likely to say that this was all set into motion with a little family history project I started with my mother which quickly snowballed out of control.  One moment I’m visiting the genealogy room of our local library a few days a week, and the next thing I know I cannot get enough.  When I am not at the library researching genealogy, combing through each and every issue of old newspapers for decades, checking out books and DVDs, or stooping to search through the free book box, I can be found at home on my computer borrowing e-books and audio books, streaming movies, downloading free music, or who knows, maybe even learning a new language for free.  The world–nay, the library–is my oyster!

A few things you may find here include:

  • Anything book related.
  • Book reviews.
  • Favorite quotes from books I have finished.
  • Interesting tidbits or old photos uncovered in my family history research.
  • Humorous or downright bizarre headlines from old newspapers.
  • Rambling about PBS Masterpiece Theatre.
  • Shows I might watch or hear about based on books.
  • My thoughts on movies I have borrowed or streamed through the library.
  • Anecdotes I find funny from my trips to the library.  Could be anything from some technology failure of mine to stories about a stranger’s pet whose acquaintance I made along the way.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Good for you Rachel. You were a wonderful reader in my class and this suits you beyond any other career choice. I can see you being an author .It is great to pursue what you love.


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